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Saturday’s Child

August 15, 2009

kids carry the load

Saturday’s child works hard for his, or her, living.  And while Saturday’s child may be on the endangered species list, we can restore his and her natural habitat by thinking more deeply about how we cultivate a good work ethic.  This is a tricky bit of business, because we ourselves may be workaholics, and so modeling an obsessive preoccupation with work may be as much the problem as the solution… especially when we factor in the Tom Sawyer effect (i.e. the importance of making work appear fun, if you hope to get others to follow your lead).

Saturday’s child whistles while she works… and she works hard for her “living.”  Now “living” might imply bread on the table and a roof over our heads—and for that we ought to work hard and be grateful; but Saturday’s child does not necessarily work manically hard for a McMansion or for a first-class upgrade.  And Saturday’s child does not pitch a fit when they have to wait their turn, or when they don’t get a gold-star, an A+ and an aria for their efforts.

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