We have a little time

“We have a little time,” said my son, sitting at the kitchen island, alert by an extra hour “saved” by changing the clocks around.

So we talked about fear, about movies and about how things that we know are not “real” scare us nonetheless.  I tried to explain the brain, our mythos, our culture of fear, but only because I love my boy.  Yet we all love all the world, don’t we?

It was time to go, so we continued to talk in the car.  He said, “I’m not scared when I’m not alone.”


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11 Responses to “We have a little time”

  1. Mark Brady Says:

    Bruce, what’s your son’s name? He nailed it, didn’t he? Best, Mark

  2. rebecca @ altaredspaces.com Says:

    That’s why we’re all looking for a place to belong, right?

  3. Meagan Frank Says:

    We aren’t meant to be alone, and our greatest fears revolve around potential solitude or separation from love and others. Tell you son that I’m not scare when I’m not alone either. 🙂 MMF

  4. Kristen @ Motherese Says:

    Your musings today make me think about what it means to be alone. I admit that I am often at my most content sitting at my desk writing. I’m alone, but I can hear my kids running around upstairs with their dad. Alone, but not lonely. And not scared.

  5. Wolf Pascoe Says:

    I like the brevity of this, and the lovely drawing. It reminds me of Moira Kalman, and of my son, who asks us to check on him every ten minutes or so, after putting him to bed.

  6. Katrina Kenison Says:

    Wise child. And the great blessing of life: we are never alone.

    Love this post, its zen-like simplicity. (You CAN say a lot in few words!)

  7. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    Your son is exactly right–being alone is one of a child’s greatest fears. It magnifies everything they’re feeling to the Nth degree.

  8. Pamela Says:

    Oh, what a sweet boy. I’m not scared when I’m not alone either. What I tend to forget is that I am never alone.

  9. Amber Says:

    This is not meant to be insincere, but I do think that your kids being willing to talk to you is a great sign of a good relationship. I am grateful to have your example to look to.

  10. Cathy Says:

    I am most afraid of being alone. I want to be fearless but I am not. Age experience and wisdom (okay, knowledge) can do strange things to your mind. Being alone is my single worst fear.

  11. barefootlisa Says:

    Wow. What profound wisdom can come out of our kiddos. YOU have nurtured that into being. I love how he could share this with you and articulate it to you. I hope my son is still able to talk of his fears, hopes, feelings, etc when he is a teen. That is what we are nurturing in him.

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