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November 9, 2009

Klein_Yves_Untitled_blue_monochromeI came home from the memorial service and the sudden ability to stop moving forward allowed the gloom of death to penetrate the surreal veil that had hung over the day up until that moment.  A fast-falling dusk descended like a shroud over Los Angeles and my heart.

I lay in bed and yearned to nap, to escape the truth of a boy who’d valiantly said good-bye to his mother; to a noble man who spoke of a marriage, a profound love and the blessing of a sparkling child in terms of borrowed time, for she’d nearly died twenty-four years earlier and, upon coming out of a coma, pulled an about-face on marriage and family and jumped in with both feet.

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The “Grand” Mother and THE GREAT MOTHER

May 30, 2009

grandmaEllie died two years ago today.  It was two days after her eighty-third birthday as we gathered around her hospital bed and the doctors unhooked the machines.  In the six weeks since the valve-replacement that had simply been too much for her, we had watched her go from an old woman back to a child-like state of ethereal grace.  Her skin grew smooth again and her energy grew clearer and clearer until she was done with this world, merely waiting for the last permission to leave… from Andy, her daughter and my wife.grandma words

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