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An apple on the teacher’s desk and a lot of… questions

September 8, 2009

SCAN0042Kids are filled with questions.  Parenting is rife with endless questions too.  Rather than thinking that there is a right and wrong answer, let’s kick of this school year by striving for child-mind alongside our children.

When my older son was four or five, we happened to mention that there were once some really bad people called Nazis, and my kid became immediately fascinated with Nazis.  He had so many endless questions about everything from tall leather boots to Hitler’s cruelty and a thirst for any and all examples of how it was expressed, that we eventually had a faux-radio show when we were driving in the car:  “Good evening and welcome to Nazi Talk.  What is your question?”  And my son would ask them until we would say, “I’m sorry we only have time for one more question on this evening’s show, but we will be taking more questions next time on Nazi talk.”

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