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The better to understand you with, my dear

September 9, 2009

Lil RedAs we strive to honor questions ahead of answers, a reader raised the question of a ten-year-old boy who “enjoys stirring the pot” and “the drama it creates.”  They report “always dialoging with him about different situations,” and used the metaphor of “the wolf inside” and the question of feeding vs. taming.  Finally, they were considering martial arts for the boy to engender respect and discipline. 

I wanted to take up this situation because it offers a number of things to think about that can enhance parenting across a wide array of ages and issues, and because I wish to reinforce the importance of mindfulness and questions—particularly the questions:  “What is my child experiencing and needing at this developmental juncture?” and “How are our own thoughts and behaviors contributing, positively and negatively, to the situation?”

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