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I can see those red tail-lights heading for Spain

July 22, 2009


I was having dinner with friends whose fourteen-year-old daughter had just come back from Italy with her grandparents, where they stayed in an elder-hostel.  She was just delighted to have been able to make new friends with other grandchildren and, in contrast to her life in LA, be free to walk anywhere alone in Venice and feel completely safe.  She got lost, figured it out, struggled with the language barrier and seemed to feel an added boost of confidence and maturity as the result of her experience.

Then I came home and opened my email where a reader had sent me a note that said that my blog-post on overprotecting children came to them directly after they had just heard an audio postcard on NPR about the opposite side of the issue.  This synchronicity only further underscored the gist of the NPR piece where, my reader informed me, “a correspondent from Spain described how a village, some forty miles from Madrid, comes to life in the Plaza after 10 P.M. and the siesta. Children run all over the place, quite free.  The correspondent explained that in Spain it is understood that all children are the responsibility of all parents, especially those within thirty feet of one’s self and they therefore feel safe. A corollary is that many adults kiss and complement even strangers’ children all the time.  Is Spain our past?  I, too, was totally free after age 12 and I baby sat my sister (13 years younger) all the time.”

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Are we over-protecting our kids?

July 16, 2009

Recent piece by Judith Warner ( used the example of a mom, a professor, getting in trouble with the law for leaving her bikingtwelve-year-old and another twelve-year-old in charge of three younger kids ages eight, seven and three.  This mom told the older kids to keep watch on the younger kids, keep the three-year-old in the stroller and call on the cell if they needed her; then she went home to get some rest.  She was subsequently called back to the mall and charged with endangering her children.  Judith used the treatment this woman received (i.e. not a slap on the wrist) as an example of “the fact that our country’s resentment, and even hatred, of well-educated, apparently affluent women is spiraling out of control.”

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