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Chicken Soup for our Broken Society

March 30, 2010

An Op-Ed piece in the New York Times by David Brooks, “The Broken Society,” caught my attention, primarily because I tend to agree that our society is broken (as for why I think so, see Myth-Maker, Myth-Maker make me a myth).

Brooks outlines the brokenness and then turns to Brit Phillip Blond who “lays out three big areas of reform:  remoralize the market, relocalize the economy and recapitalize the poor.”

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Get on the Bus that takes Me to You

January 18, 2010

Happy Martin Luther King Day, a good time to think about freedom—not just from oppression, but from fear and desire.  And for me it’s a good day to think about busses.

Living in LA, I’m not on busses very much (although we have them, and some rather nice ones at that), but MLK Day always gets me thinking about Rosa Parks, and thus busses, at some point.  I think of an awkward moment at the market when my preschooler pointed to the African American woman choosing fruit next to us and asked if she had to ride on the back of the bus (this in the context of having play-dates with Don Cheadle’s daughter, who was his pre-school pal); his take-away at the moment was not really politicized, it was just a way of trying to organize his world and care about fairness, despite the impossibility of contextualizing and differentiating events from half a century before his birth.  All I could do was smile and hope the woman, who most certainly got to sit in the front of her car, didn’t think I was some sort of racist.

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