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Laughter is good parenting medicine

August 9, 2009

brothersWhen asked if he liked children, WC Fields replied, “I do if they’re prepared right.”  Parenting may be a very “important” thing, and we may earnestly strive to get it right, and we may indignantly vilify those who get it seriously wrong… but sometimes it’s all just a little bit too much.

There are times when we might go into our rooms and cry (rather than “losing it” on the kids), and that may be cathartic… but whether you feel like laughing or crying at the moment, you might like to watch a video and go with laughing (  A friend, who is a very funny and gifted entertainer, sent it along (and it has nothing to do with him).  And in these days of everyone vying for clicks and eyeballs, I personally want to celebrate that genuine attitude of “check this out, it’s really funny… and isn’t about me.”

But because this comes to you via PoP, I encourage you to remember your intention (as set back on June 21st; or consider reading that post,, and today setting an intention).

As Billy Wilder, the great film maker of Sunset Boulevard and Double Indemnity said, “Life is terrible, but it’s not that serious.”  So, let’s see if we can’t find a laugh somewhere, or sometime, today—and when it comes, let’s put it in the service of your personal intention, and in turn put that intention in the service of the well-being of all our collective children.

Namaste, Bruce