A simple smile will do

All too often we feel lost, gloomy, unimportant and afraid.  As my intention is to join with your intention, whatever it may be, so that together we might participate and connect—that we might allow the obstacles of fear, alienation and meaninglessness to drop softly away like a child’s cheek relinquishing a tear, that we might cultivate simultaneous freedom and nourishing relationship… I will confine my words today to those that precede this simple…

Namaste, BD

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11 Responses to “A simple smile will do”

  1. Saska Says:

    Namaste and Thank You for the Mistery today.

  2. Saska Says:

    p.s. : )

  3. Pamela Says:

    Thank you for the connection. And the free therapy! I have been thinking about my shadow …

    Much love,

  4. BigLittleWolf Says:

    The all-important smile. It does work wonders. (Now where is that Cheshire Cat when you need him?)

  5. Sulyn Says:

    I really needed this today. Some days I feel like I do everything wrong- this reminds me that we all feel that way sometimes and reaching out to each other in the simplest of ways can make a difference. Peace.

  6. rudrip Says:

    Great reminder Bruce. Smile, simple, but so important.

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