Triumph of the Will… to watch horror films

Welcome to Privilege of Parenting’s blog on the first of weekly rather than daily blogs in the service of both sanity and our collective children.

To kick things off for this solar year, I could not be more thrilled than to introduce a guest blog from my thirteen-year-old son, Will (who besides being my kid, is also one of my absolutely most favorite people on the planet).

As a matter of full disclosure, this guest blog came about when Will was asking for ways he might earn a little money this summer.  Besides washing the windows, I suggested that I would pay for a guest blog ($5.00); he answers my challenge today (and thus today he’s doing better than most of us in the cash for words department).

Readers of PoP may be aware that I’m a bit of a chicken when it comes to horror films, yet this past year I have watched more than one or two with Will, and so his blog arises from, and weaves back into, the very fabric of our relationship (which mostly just distills down to how much love we love each other).


Why I like horror movies

I am a true horror movie fan. I have loved this type of movie for about 2 years now and before I liked it I had the same question as a lot of people. “How could anybody like horror movies?” Well in this blog I am going to do my best to answer that.

I have heard a lot of answers to why people like horror movies. A couple are that people like to tell other people that they have seen a certain horror movie in a form of bragging, another is that people feel good about themselves for watching a horror movie because it makes them feel brave. My answer is something that I have not heard anybody say.

My answer and my reason that I like horror movies is the emotion you feel when watching them. Fear is an emotion that most people dread and don’t get me wrong I don’t like fear when I actually should be in fear, but when watching a horror movie there is no need to be afraid, but you still are because it is hard to control your emotions. That is why I like horror movies the moment you are experiencing fear yet you know there is nothing to fear.

A lot of people don’t like horror movies because it gives them nightmares or makes it hard for them to sleep. You can’t give up on horror movies after one bad experience.  I would say you should watch at least 3 different kinds of horror movies before you stop watching them. This because in your mind after watching 3 different horror movies there will be thought of a zombie apocalypse, a psycho murder, and a little doll that kills people.

There are two kinds of people that will act differently to this. The first kind of person will think not all of these things could happen at once so chances are not one of them is going to happen. Then second kind of person will think “ OH MY GOD my evil doll and that old creepy camp counselor are going to murder me while zombies feed on my flesh.” If you are the second kind of person; I am sorry horror movies aren’t your thing, but if you are first kind of person the door to the wonders of horror movies is now open.

Well that’s all I have to say about horror movies. This has been a special guest blog by the son of “MR. DR.  Parent guru yoga master extreme blogger.” Otherwise known as Bruce.

Thanks for reading


And thanks for writing, Will—I can only hope that your words bring good cheer and love to parents in the service of all our collective children.

Namaste to Will, and to all who happen across these words, MR. DR. Parent guru yoga master formerly extreme blogger, aka, Bruce

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7 Responses to “Triumph of the Will… to watch horror films”

  1. Laurie Says:

    Will you have helped me to put into words why I don’t like horror films. I am person #2! Thank you so much.

  2. Terry Says:

    You’re Dad can tell you that I love horror films as well, but not for the great reasons you just expressed. I love them because I HAD to. You see Will, my father, made horror films. I have even co-produced two horror films. It’s in my blood.

    Hitchcock said that horror films are like a roller-coaster ride. Don’t they kind of feel like that?

    The ones that scare me are the ones that don’t show too much and leave all the scary parts up to the imagination. If you ever try and just watch a horror film, with no sound, they are not scary at all.

    My favorite horror film has to be Night of the Living Dead. What’s yours?

    The Excorist scared me the most. And Drag me to Hell is really good.

    • privilegeofparenting Says:

      My favorite zombie movie is “28 Weeks Later,” my favorite monster movie is “Cloverfield” and a good recent movie is “Dead Silence.”

      Thanks for reading—I’ll have to check out some of your dad’s movies, Will

  3. Jenn Says:

    Hey Will, great post. What movie would you recommend to a horror movie rookie? My boys are 12 and 13 and they haven’t seen one yet, what’s a good starter movie for them?

    • privilegeofparenting Says:

      I saw “Cloverfield” when I was twelve and I loved it, but it’s very intense. “Alien” is a little less scary but really good. And “Disturbia” was probably my first horror movie three years ago—it’s a good horror movie that isn’t too scary.

      But it’s still up to you as a parent to decide what’s okay for your kids—I don’t want to be recommending something and then you think it’s not okay.

  4. BigLittleWolf Says:

    Nope. Not for me. I totally have nightmares. Always have. But both my sons have seen their share. They don’t love them, but they don’t seem to mind them. I’m thinking – oddly – that might be a good sign, in light of your elaboration.

    Thanks for helping me to understand better what kids might see in this movies, Will.

    $5/blog, hmmm? Not a bad gig. You’re doing better than most of the rest of us!

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