Maybe the cherry blossoms are in bloom in your neck of the woods, or maybe the petals are scattered on the ground, brought down with the drizzle and the gusts.

Maybe right now you are looking at sun falling across the floor in your kitchen, or dappled light in your living room.  Perhaps you’re noodling around on the web in the darkness of night, or reading these words on your iPhone while waiting to pick up the kids in car pool—a routine that seems endless, but which is actually quite finite.

Maybe the sound of the rain is soothing on the eaves, or maybe it has you a little down.  Maybe your kid has tried your patience today, or maybe they are just looking so sweet that you love your life and all is right as rain… if only it could last.

No matter what exactly is going on for you, my wish that I send out today, in my striving to “only connect” through thick and thin, is that we might, via consciousness, bridge between the writing, the posting, the reading and fading into the past and somehow intuit that this moment is co-created, and whether it challenges us to rise to productive suffering or offers opportunity to tolerate the ephemeral ache of sweetness and it’s fleeting nature, here we are.

In the spirit of love, encouragement, realness, non-materialism, the celebration of material as a nourishing “reality” (taste, touch, smell, sound and sight) I simply invite you to dedicate this moment to nothing but this moment… this makes for something resonant, something linking the writing as light fades on a mundane and precious afternoon and the random chance in time and space of you receiving these words (and making an indefinable connection that lives between us, even if we cannot fully grasp its nature).

And in that spirit I say, “Thank God it’s Now.” (or even Thank X it’s now:  TXIN), hoping it somehow benefits us, and all our collective children.

Namaste, Bruce


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8 Responses to “TGIN”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    Sigh …
    Bruce, somehow, in a few paragraphs, you manage to evoke all of life.
    And yet simultaneously remind me that that immense “all” is in fact right here at my feet.
    Thank you.

    • privilegeofparenting Says:

      Lindsey, when I read many of your posts I feel like we are two painters working, in our own voices, but on a similar landscape.

      In some cosmic game of tag, in this eternal moment we are “it.” And at the same non-time we are eternally soaking, swimming, living and drowning in “it.”

  2. Randy Says:

    Thank Now It’s Now.

  3. Linda Pressman Says:

    I love this meditative post you’ve written and I read your “X” one too. Although I’m quite a believer myself, I love the idea of all the people of the world just agreeing to use some innocuous term instead of sectarian or divisive wording.

    I’ve been working on my moments quite a bit lately and wish you many wonderful ones.

    • privilegeofparenting Says:

      Yes, thanks for this Linda—I think we’re all stumbling and loving and striving toward some undefinable unity. I treasure your spirit of respect for others while drawing love from your own faith. I do think that the core concepts in Torah of absolute unity that cannot be represented, but which we are well advised to love (and fear, but fear only that) harmonizes well with the core concepts of Eastern spirituality of so-called reality as illusory “maya” beyond which we arrive at some … undefinable unity.

      And then we might blog, parent, live and be as part of Tikkun Olam. Shalom/Namaste

  4. Saska Says:

    This makes me smile and cry now.

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