Who’s our mommy, who’s our daddy? Venus and the Man

The Walking Man recently sold at auction for over a hundred million dollars, more than any other art piece up until present times—and this leads me to believe that the attenuated, “modern” man striding forever forward into a future where he never arrives is an icon for the end of this “modern” age—a snapshot of the collective “what were they thinking?” ethos that has lead to the world as we have it.

On the other hand it seemed to make a nifty contrast to the so-called “Venus” of Willendorf (a Venus symbol that was made long before humans “invented” Venus) that is also a snapshot into the dawn of human consciousness, the time when girls ruled and nature was fecund, corpulent, sensuous and pulsing with life.  Walking Man is a missile, Walendorf woman is a goddess—an embodiment of earth as paradise.

We start as Venus, or her child, but we put our goddess, our earth and our mothers alike, through the hell of history—the paradigm of past and future, conquest and acquisition, dominion and control, that sucks the life and sustenance out of the present moment.  The human consciousness has lost a lot of weight in 25,000 years, and it is “modern man” who appears to me to be the biggest loser.

So, let’s dedicate today to a plumper consciousness, to stillness instead of over-striding, to tasting our milk and honey—in the service of lovingly nourishing all our collective children.

Namaste, Bruce


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3 Responses to “Who’s our mommy, who’s our daddy? Venus and the Man”

  1. BigLittleWolf Says:


  2. Lindsey M Nelson Says:

    I’ve been reading a lot of negative stuff about “breeders” (which is, to me, a derogatory term for those of us who are parents) lately and I really appreciate reading this. Just lovely.

  3. Erin Says:

    This is such a good post. It’s much easier to hug a plump nurturer than a stick propelling future-ward. THANKS!

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