Tadasana, or standing mindfully for what we believe

feetPlease stand up, really, literally.  Take off your shoes and socks and feel the ground with your feet.  Let’s not just sit here, let’s at least stand here.  Root down with the four corners of your feet.  Bring your knees in line with your ankles.  Draw your tailbone subtly down and your pubic bone up; melt your shoulder blades back and down, away from your ears.  Feel your crown lifting to the sky, and at the same time your feet rooting more deeply down.

Breathe in all the way to your belly, breathing in love—and breathe out worry, emptying everything.  Dedicate today to loving who you are and loving what you  have.  Consciously place yourself in the service of whatever’s on your horizon for today.  Consider doing this in the service of your child, or children, and/or anyone else you love—we are all somebody’s children.  We are all, ALL our children.  This will make you a better parent.  This will help you have GFTL (good feelings that last).

Namaste, Bruce



2 Responses to “Tadasana, or standing mindfully for what we believe”

  1. Laurie Says:

    Always a perfect post for the day. I love you!

  2. krk Says:

    Thank you, connecting and feeling myself as a part of my immediate world.
    Love and peace, krk

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