The Healing Power of Animals

Emma & Pumpkin-1Firstly, I want to thank everyone who has been coming and reading Privilege of Parenting.  While I so appreciate, and welcome, the comments, questions and feedback, I also want to acknowledge the many wonderful parents, grandparents and “parents” who have no children who have been silently coming and reading (and adding love to) our collective wish for the wellbeing of all our children.  This endeavor is scarcely two weeks old and we are already a community of literally hundreds.  This tells us that we are on some sort of the right track—that this is something so many of us truly care about, and are willing to try even if it helps some unseen other in just the smallest way.  So please keep visiting, taking what you need and putting in what you have (especially in the way of spirit)—it is all truly and deeply felt, and appreciated, at least by me, and hopefully by others.

Today’s post is a post-script to “Two Dog Night.”  I received an email from Lauren, the owner of Emma (the dog I hosted for one night until she was reunited with her family) and it was a message that really touched me.  I asked her permission and she said, “You are welcome to share my story on your blog.  I truly believe that Emma helped me heal.”

Lauren’s email read:

Thanks again for taking Emma into your home and treating her like a member of your family.  This upsetting event really could not have had a happier ending.  I love the blog entry and will certainly pass it along to friends.

You guys had mentioned that you wanted to see puppy pictures of Emma.  Well, we only have a few, and when you see one of them you will understand why she is such an extra special dog to me and my family.  Almost six years ago I was diagnosed with lymphoma and underwent 6 months of chemotherapy.  I was 24 at the time and really not handling my illness well.  My parents bought Emma for me to brighten my spirits and I bonded with her immediately.  Emma and I would take short walks and fall asleep on the couch together… she kept me and my family smiling through some very difficult times.  I know you guys already think she is special, but now you know how extra special she is to me. 🙂 

Say hi to Agnes!Emma & Laur-1


Let’s dedicate today to gratitude for the mysterious forces that help our children heal, gratitude for Lauren’s well-being, and blessings for every sick child, that they may benefit from the spirit of Emma, Agnes and the healing power of our collective love and compassion.

Namaste, Bruce



3 Responses to “The Healing Power of Animals”

  1. Chris Sorgi Says:

    What a wonderful story.

  2. krk Says:

    Just confirms that circle of compassion
    love, healing and peace to all.

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